Valley Community Easter Activity

Valley Community Easter Sunday Egg Hunt and Picnic Lunch
Awesome! So many people turn out for this Community Celebration on this chilly Nebraska day!
There are dozens of people, some for the picnic, some for the Easter eggs, some for fellowship! We are thankful for supporters donating their time and resources. Spirit of Peace Pastor Michael Hanus told a story of the Easter Hare tradition and How an Empty Egg Represents a Risen Christ before dozens of children chased after several hundred Easter eggs. Young children were given a head start to collect Easter eggs. The record breaker egg collector scooped up two dozen eggs. Spirit’s Best Easter Celebration Costume Award Winner is Miss Shyenne Swolley. Miss Shyenne had her choice of a Beanie Baby donated for the cause by a generous volunteer. We are grateful for our generous volunteers! We thank everyone for participating and supporting this successful community event!
Spirit of Peace Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus may be contacted at: or 402-541-7019.