Following Pastor

Following Pastor on an April Sunday.
Today I woke at 5 am, did a few chores, made breakfast and was out the door to greet Pastor, who was already preparing for 7 am service at 6 with Matins.
We presented “Love One Another Celebration” for the Community.

Love One Another Celebration

Baptism at 10 am for happy parents, their active children and an infant that did not cry.
Luncheon at Noon begun with a prayer. So many people to visit!
Squeeze in a few hours “Walking the Street” visiting the Homebound and inviting everyone to next Sunday’s service and Mother’s Day Celebration the following Sunday.
There are several waves of raining buckets from occasional ominous clouds throughout the day.
Check some of the flyers and signs posted for Spirit’s upcoming events.
Community evening meal begun with a prayer of course. More people to visit.
Celebrate Recovery meeting to wrap up the official daylong schedule. Prayer.
Several unscheduled stops to visit and pray that always seem to find their way into the schedule.
End of the day Vespers.
Time to retire for this day.
Dear Lord, Thank you for a day fulfilling your plan! Amen.

Follow the Star
Follow the Star