Natures Fury Strikes Pilger Community

On June 17, an unusual but significant twin tornado swiftly descended upon Pilger, Nebraska with little warning. This child was in the community with her family visiting her grandparents. Mom and her daughter were swept away by the aberrant fury of nature. Today Mom is in critical condition, her daughter is called home to heaven.

A natural fury from this world has taken her away, but we know that she is with The Lord, and in that sense, He has taken her to a better place.

In grief we cry out, “Perhaps something must have gone wrong! Why must this happen in our lives?” By the grace of The Lord and the strength of the Holy Spirit we have the courage to accept unfortunate challenges in life. Through His love for us, The Lord has given His only Son for us on the cross. He knows our pain. He understands. He is there to help.

Dear Lord, Maker of heaven and earth and Giver of life, we thank You for all the mercies You grant to our brothers and sisters in Christ, during their earthly lives, especially for calling them to faith in Jesus Christ. Please comfort the survivors who mourn their deaths with the hope of the glorious resurrection and a joyful reunion in heaven. Keep us mindful that we are your beloved children so that we will be prepared to die in the faith and receive the glory promised to all who trust in Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen