Dinner and a Movie at the Theater

All Are Welcome to Dinner and a Movie at the Theater
“MMM”s: movie meet-ups, meals and mingling are a great way to enjoy the passing of time, energize our spirits and enjoy life. 

Dinner and a Movie at the Theater

Another Movie Season Celebration is upon us! Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus, along with our Missional Ministry Staff, have the fellowship sharing desire to kick off another Movie Season Celebration! We are blessed to have generous resources to gather dozens of youth and adults every Movie Season from Valley and surrounding communities for a movie and lively fellowship at a meal nearby.
If you are new to this Celebration and would like to join us, you are invited. Do not be shy, just contact us for a mutually available time. Spirit.Peace@outlook.com
Feel free to call, leave a message and text 402-541-7019
Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus and the Spirit of Peace Missional Community invite youth and adults to accompany them to movie theaters in the community for movie viewing, light meals, fellowship and lively discussion.