God's Grace

Our Grace – filled Family Character

Teacher, there are so many challenges in life today.  How do we face challenges interacting with one another in harmony along with our sheer joy to receive the grace Jesus gifts to us in His death and Resurrection?

The underlying belief stated in this question is an awesome recognition of the promise of our Salvation! Of course we do nothing to receive our Lord’s blessing in His gift of Salvation to us!  But the question presumes awareness of this belief and goes deeper.  How do we apply Living the Word through the examples Jesus gives us in Scripture while experiencing social challenges in our lives?

I turn to Fresh Hope for a well – drafted list of essential graceful characteristics:

Affirm out Loud, Be People Oriented, Shout out Rules and Expectations, Maintain Clear Communication, Remember the Lord, Enjoy Children, Practice Responsibility and Accountability, Apply Reflection in Learning, Acknowledge the Usefulness and Validity of Feelings, and Remember it is OK for Outsides to Match Insides.

I write this list on a card and keep it in my pocket. From time to time I find that I am challenged in social interaction. Reviewing this well intentioned list in prayerful reflection helps maintain my focus in doing His will.

Dear Jesus, Please inspire us with your example to meet the challenges we face in life while exercising behavior consistent with your will.  Amen.