Prayer to Overcome Addictions

Prayer To Overcome Addictions

Serenity Prayer
Serenity Prayer

Dear God,

I come to You as I come to no one else.
I am so sorry.
I have nearly thrown away my life, my body, my soul;
through addiction.
But recognition of my addiction
has never given me power to control it.
You know this.
You never blame me.
You know the truth.
Addiction is an attractor field, a low vibrational level.
I wound up there because I was trying to escape pain,
Or I was trying to experience something transcendent,
And I got stuck.
But there is a better way to escape pain,
And there is a better way to touch rapture.
I can receive an authentic calling from You.
Therefore, I surrender myself to what I can be,
to that highest level to which You call me.
I demand, now, in this moment, Father, that You call me,
that You call me loudly.
You call me and raise me up out of addiction,
and into a higher level attractor field.
And as You raise me,
So do You raise all of Humanity out of addiction,
and into a higher level attractor field.
Together we rise, as one force in You, one at a time and together.
You raise me because I deserve a better life.
You raise me because I am ready to be raised.
You raise me because the world needs me.
I rise and keep rising; I do not fall.
I rise because You need me.
I am Your Thoughts, Your Voice, Your Hands.
I rejoice in my inherent holiness.
For I am where You reside.
You lift me because I have asked,
and because you love me so very much.
By Your grace, as I read this,
My mind and energy align with Yours.
By Your grace, the power of my mind
Is multiplied exponentially by all who read this.
Aligned with You, we are more powerful than any evil,
or any substance,
Can ever be.
Together WE form a conduit of love.
It reaches into my need for addiction and I am healed.
By healing myself, I help heal Humanity’s need for addiction.
Joy fills my soul. My gratitude is infinite.
Thank You, Beloved Creator.
And so it is. Amen. – Prayerforce.