LCMC Leadership Conference

LCMC Leadership Monday Conference Presenters
Shift: Retooling Church
From Consumer Christianity to Discipleship Producing Christianity

Game Changing Lineup:

Rev Jo Saxton is a leader, visionary, and practitioner that church leaders and lay people need to hear!

Rev Jeremey King has a passion for seeing people in all walks of their faith be awakened by God’s Word in new ways, living a life of incarnational ministry. Rev Jeremey encourages Radiant to “be the church” by tangibly loving God and their neighbors.

Rev Steve Turnbull has a particular passion for discipleship and leadership development in the church. Rev Steve encourages the people of First Lutheran to see themselves not as mere church goers but agents of the Kingdom of God on location in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

Ms Stephanie Nelson is on the Core Leadership team at Mission Point Church. She oversees the amazing leaders in Prayer, Student Ministries and Children’s Ministries.

Ms Ashley Nelson is part of the Mission Point’s Outreach team. She oversees mall outreach, through weekly cookie delivery to the stores.

Shift: Retooling Church
Shift: Retooling Church

LCMC Leadership Tuesday Conference Presenters

Rev. Dan Clites serves as the LCMC’s Coordinator for New Ministry Development. Rev Dan coaches and encourages our existing pastors and church leadership teams on becoming missionally-minded and discipleship-driven.

Laurel Swanson has been part of several “shifts” in ministry that have fueled her excitement for the future of ministry. Ms Swanson encourages people in her congregation to think beyond their past experiences of what church has been to find a way to launch disciples into their neighborhoods and communities.