Fathers Hat

Ron showed up for his race wearing his dad’s hat, which he carefully set aside before his competition began. Why the hat? It was this swimmer’s tribute to his dad, whom he described as “my best friend.” The hat was one his dad had worn when they went fishing and did other things together. Wearing the hat was Ron’s way of honoring his dad for standing beside him, encouraging him, and guiding him. When Ron dove into the water, he did so without his dad’s presence but inspired by his memory. 

Father's Hat
Father’s Hat

On this Father’s Day, there are many ways to honor our fathers, as Scripture commands us to do; Honor your Father and Mother. Eph. 6:2. One way, even if they are no longer with us, is to show respect for the good values they taught us. – Dave Branon. Daily Bread.
What can you do for your father today to show him the kind of honor Scripture  refers to?

Fathers Song

Matt Redman

I have heard so many songs,

Listened to a thousand tongues.

But there is one

That sounds above them all,

The Fathers song,

The Fathers love.

You sung it over me and for eternity

Its written on my heart,

Heavens perfect melody,

The Creators symphony,

You are singing over me

The Fathers song.

Prayer: Dear Lord, We are thankful for our fathers, they are special gifts from You; Please Help us to show we honor them by what we say and do. Amen.
The best fathers not only give us life, they teach us how to live.