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Christmas spirit

Spirit of Peace Missional Community Invites All Interested People of All Ages to Celebrate a Joyful Merry Christmas this Year!

The Spirit Missional Community Engages in many Focused Spiritual Religious Christmas Spirit Activities throughout the Christmas Season.

Two of These Activities Are Faith Hope Love Joy Peace and Twelve Days of Christmas.

Faith Hope Love Joy Peace FHLJP

All Are Welcome to Join Our Missional Community in the Presentation of Faith Hope Love Joy Peace FHLJP which discusses and assists in preparing for the Grand Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Twelve Days Christmas
Twelve Days Christmas

All Are Welcome to Join Our Missional Community in the Presentation of Twelve Days of Christmas which May Surprise You the First Time You Experience this Activity which Walks Us from Christmas Day through Epiphany. Hint: One item Discussed is a well-known Christmas Season song!

Peace and Joy! Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus and the Spirit of Peace Missional Community.

Rocky Railway VBS

Our Missional Community Ministry Team is offering an additional opportunity this season for a second Vacation Bible School VBS called Rocky Railway. The theme focuses on the Power of Jesus Christ. 

Rocky Railway VBS
Rocky Railway VBS
  • Activity modified for COVID-19 guidelines

Although participation in the modified VBS activity is Free (Donations are always Welcome!), we do require registration ahead of the scheduled activity so we may comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

We are planning to offer this modified VBS activity on a Saturday afternoon in September. Therefore it will best assist planning if you contact us before the end of this month of August.

If you are interested in participating as youth or adult; child, adolescent or parent; volunteer or donor; please use the following information to contact us:

Pastors Michael or Cathy Hanus, please email, please note VBS in the email subject line, please list the names of all interested participants, whether adult, adolescent, or child, and children’s ages in the body of the email; along with any other information you are requesting.

We look forward to meeting you! Peace and Joy! Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus, Spirit of