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Free Labor Day Rockets in the MiniPark

All Are Welcome! Free Labor Day Rockets in the Minipark! 

Rockets in the Minipark
Rockets in the Minipark

Free Design Build Launch Your Rocket! Bring It Home! Free Light Meal / Snacks!

When: Labor Day, Monday September 5th Noon -1 

Where: Valley Minipark 105 N Spruce St. Valley NE

Pastors Michael, Cathy Hanus and Spirit of Peace Missional Community

Donations and Volunteers Are Welcome! Needs: Office Supplies, Tape, Construction Paper, Index Cards, Markers, Sidewalk Chalk!

SpiritOfPeace.us miniser@spiritofpeace.us 402-541-7019 text or call! 

Summer Fun Celebration

Summer Fun Celebration Rockets in the Minipark Design Build and Launch (weather permitting)

Summer Fun Rockets in the Minipark
Summer Fun Rockets in the Minipark

All Are Welcome! We Look Forward to Visiting with You!

Activity Modified for COVID-19

When: Saturday August 8, 2020; 4pm – 5pm Health & Wellness

Where: Spirit Valley Minipark 105 N. Spruce St., Valley, NE 

Volunteers and Donations Welcome!

Contact: Pastors Michael or Cathy Hanus, SpiritofPeace.us minister@spiritofpeace.us Call or Text 402-541-7019

Fourth of july Celebration

Fourth of July Celebration
Rockets in the Mini-Park
Design, Build and Launch (weather permitting)

Fourth of July
Fourth of July

All Are Welcome!
We look forward to visiting with you!

  • Activity modified for Covid-19

When: Saturday, July 4, 2020 4pm-5pm Health & Wellness
Where: Spirit Valley Minipark 105 N Spruce St Valley NE
Contact: Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus, SpiritofPeace.us, minister@spiritofpeace.us 402-541-7019

Earths Precious Water Resource

Nebraska Science Festival
Earths Precious Water Resource
Rockets, Robots and more!
Free Community Event
All Are Welcome!
* Activity modified for pandemic 

Earths Precious Water Resource
Earths Precious Water Resource

Saturday, April 25, 1pm until 3pm
Corner of North Pine St. and East Valley Street
Southeast side of Valley Veterans Club

Covid-19 Health Dept Gathering Restriction
Covid-19 Health Dept Gathering Restriction

Local Food Pantry experiences Food Supply Shortage, so a non-perishable food item donation is welcome if you are able!

RSVPs, Donations, and Volunteers Always Welcome
Contact Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus

Spirit Enjoys Its Volunteers

Spirit Enjoys Its Volunteers!

This is a very engaging activity! Spirit of Peace Ministers enjoy engaging the Missional Community! Valley Days can be challenging but satisfying. We took on all interested people, numbering well over one hundred, over the afternoon hours. We served a lunch of Crafted Angus and Sirloin quarter pound burgers, Natural Bratwurst sausages, Quarter pound beef hot dogs, homemade cabbage and carrot slaw and Southern style potato salad, Fresh garden mint sun tea; and

Ta-Da! well over one hundred vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip sundaes with various fresh fruit, nut and other toppings! were served.

There was concurrent Rocket Design, Build and Launch going on. People of all ages chose the color of their pre-rolled rocket fuselage, rolled their own, selected personal creative colors and designs for fins and nose cones. Over one hundred personalized rockets were designed, built and launched; with many great performers flying over the fence!

Fellowship is our strong suit. We enjoy community engagement! Our volunteers are caring and concerned. We appreciate everyone who stopped by to engage or observe! We look forward to visiting again!

Rockets Design Build Launch
Rockets Design Build Launch

Rocket Design Build Launch

All Are Welcome!

Join us for: Rocket Design Build Launch! Check out your Rocket performance! Enjoy some smaller scale ballistic missile science!

Light lunch for all interested visitors complete with an ice cream dessert, until food items are consumed.

Rocket Design Build Launch
Rocket Design Build Launch

Valley Days Saturday Afternoon in the City Park.

August 10th 1:00 – 4:00

400 W Vass St. City Park, Valley NE between the pool, baseball diamond and tennis courts.

We look forward to visiting with you! Peace and Joy! Pastors Michael and Cathy Hanus, Spirit of Peace.